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October 5th , 2009 Full Length Video on Demand
Archive #142 - Mistress Isabella w/ slave clown boy (2/03/2005 119 minutes)

Sept 28th , 2009 Full Length Video on Demand
Archive #143 - Mistress Isabella w/ slave x (10/11/2004 72 minutes)

Sept 21th , 2009 Full Length Video on Demand
Archive #144 - Mistress Isabella w/ slave mouse (12/1/2004 65 minutes)

Attire: Black mesh top, Red PVC skirt, Black high heels.

Overview: While chatting with Her on-line slaves, Isabella's mouse cleans the dungeon room in preparation for his torments. Once the room is nice and clean Mistress wraps mouse from head to toe with seran wrap, leaving a little hold for him to breathe. She then secures him tightly to Her table with bondage, then applies more bondage to his cock and balls, and hoists them high in the air. She then applies clamps to his nipples, and secures them to the hoist, as he cries out in pain. Mostress joins mouse on the table, only to shove a shoe in his face and a heel on his cock. After chatting with Her on-line slaves a bit more, Mistress releases mouse from bondage to end this session.

Includes: Bondage, CBT, NT, Humiliation

Sept 14th , 2009 Full Length Video on Demand
Archive #145 - Mistress Isabella w/ slave dancer (9/13/2005 62 minutes)

Attire: Black leather top, Black leather mini-skirt, Black high heel spiked boots.

slave dancer is in town for a couple of days to serve Mistress Isabella, who happens to be feeling especially evil on this day. Mistress Isabella decides to give dancer a taste of things to come. As dancer is suspended, he quickly slips up and earns himself a couple of slaps across the face before being quizzed at the end of Mistress Isabella's crop. After attaching nipple clamps, Mistress Isabella zaps his cock repeatedly with an electro-zapper. Unfortunately for dancer that's about as easy as it gets, as Mistress works him over with a crop and a few brutal whacks of a bullwhip across his penis. dancer's body is covered with a variety of welts from a variety of implements before Mistress Isabella reaches for Her cane which finds it's way across dancer's ass and cock (ouch!!!).

Includes: Slapping, electro-shock, CBT, suspension, nipple torture, ball kicking, humiliation, cropping, bullwhipping, blindfold, flogging, trampling, cock whipping

Sept 7th , 2009 Slave Chronicle title: "A Wonderful Journey" has been added to the membership area
As life passes on we have all met people that we adore and believe in.  One of those people would be Isabella Sinclaire. i adore Her, believe in Her and care about Her.
i introduced myself to Isabella during a phone call a few years ago when setting up a session with Her, i was a little nervous but it was nothing compared to the day i met Her in person.
...to be continued.

August 31st, 2009 Full Length Video on DemandArchive #146 - Mistress Isabella w/ slave seth (10/20/2005 88 minutes)

Attire: Black leather top, Black Corset, Black PVC mini-skirt, Black high heel spiked boots.

Mistress Isabella brings back one of Her original slave's from the past live feeds, seth. While introducing him to the new space, She tied him up, electrocuted his balls with a tens unit and electric prod to make him dance for Her entertainment. he was also whipped, kicked and cropped on various parts of his body. After which he received a tasty reward for his submission.

Nipple torture, CBT, cropping, Slapping, human furniture, flogging, suspension, rope bondage, trampling (heeled & barefoot), electro-torture, ball kicking, foot worship, paddling, massage, golden shower.


August 24th , 2009 Full Length Video on DemandArchive #149 - Mistress Isabella with the infamously loud slave, mouse in the "love swing"(Runtime 75 minutes)

August 17th , 2009 Full Length Video on DemandArchive #148 - Mistress Isabella with worm for complete sensory immobiliation (Runtime 75 minutes)

August 10th , 2009 Full Length Video on DemandArchive #147 - Mistress Isabella with the regular online chatter, stoner (Runtime 65 minutes)

August 3rd , 2009 Archive #159 - Mistress Isabella with the infamously loud slave, mouse (Runtime 65 minutes)

Attire: Black vinyl pants , PVC bra and corset with black high heels boots.

Overview: After chatting with Her online slaves, Mistress Isabella places an inflatable gag in slave, mouse’s mouth and begins to pump it up while talking of Her plan to decorate him like a christmas tree. Without much delay, she suspends the slave in some heavy bondage, hangs christmas-tree bulbs from him and then whips his bare ass with Her crop. To complete the decoration, She places his underwear over his head then continues to whip his ass. To finish the session, Mistress bends him over Her knee for a lengthy spanking.

Breath play, Bondage, Humiliation, Cropping and Over The Knee Spanking


July 27th , 2009 Archive #158 - Mistress Isabella w/ slave worm (Runtime 79minutes)

Attire: Long black see-through netting dress w/ black bra and panties & black high heels

Overview: No stranger to the Ivy Manor, slave worm is tortured while shackled to the suspension rod. The initial nipple twisting is followed by a series of kicks to his balls followed by caning his cock. Forcing him to straddle a caning horse, Isabella smacks and canes his cock repeatedly. Now on his back, blinded and gagged, with legs shackled high to the suspension rod, he undergoes some ball smacking from Isabella's crop and other bondage-laden CBT. With feet still high in the air, this slave's ass is soon probed with an electric anal-plug, which she powers up while slapping his cock. As a reward, he is allowed to give Isabella a massage, though still taped-up with his electrical intruder.

Bondage, flogging, CBT, humiliation, paddling.



July 20th , 2009-Archive #157 - Mistress Isabella w/ trik (Runtime 86 minutes)

Attire: Black leather corset over a see-through netting top, black spiked knee high leather booth

Overview: Mistress Isabella begins this session at The Ivy Manor with Her slave already dressed in full rubber and high heels. Suspended in bondage and placed in a blinding leather mask, Mistress tortures the slave by flogging him from every direction and weighing his balls down with lead. Now on his knees, Mistress places a strap-on dildo over his mouth and forces him to masturbate it, then his own cock. She then bends him over the bondage table for a good ass-paddling to close the session.

Includes: Bondage, flogging, CBT, humiliation, paddling.

July 13th , 2009-Two new "Beauty" photo galleries of Isabella Sinclaire and Vima during a spur of the moment outing in LA dressed in head to toe latex.

July 6 th , 2009-Archive #156 - Mistress Isabella w/ new slave (Runtime 75 minutes)

Attire: Black leather halter top, tight black leather pants, black spiked knee high leather boots

Overview: Mistress Isabella Sinclaire intimidates this first time slave showing no mercy. After his initial humiliation, She masks him and shackles him to Her rack in bondage for some light whipping with Her crop. Mistress then applies bondage to his cock for some torture. Moved on to the floor, still in bondage, Mistress further deprives his senses and flogs his cock and chest. Hear this slave moan and cry from under his double-mask. Mistress Isabella finishes the session by chatting with her on-line slaves.

Humiliation, sensory depravation, bondage, CBT, whipping and flogging.


June 29th , 2009-RE-ADDED by request--Archive #155 - Mistress Isabella in a two part series. (Part 1 - 38 minutes) (Part 2- 30 minutes)

Attire: 1) Black netted dress, Black Stiletto High Heels 2) Black Latex Skirt, Black High Heels

Overview: 1) This slave begins his session by kissing and massaging Mistress' feet. Then with cock and balls tied in bondage, and now on all fours, the slave receives a flogging and is then forced to clean up a bit, while Isabella talks to Her on-line slaves. 2) Cutting into a session with slave, dancer, we find Mistress delivering some severe nipple torture. Now face down on the floor, Mistress preps Her patient for some medical attention. With scalpel in hand, Isabella makes Her incisions, cutting a nice design into dancer's back.

1) Foot Worship, Flogging, Nipple Torture 2) Nipple Torture, Scarification

June 22th , 2009-New video clip from the popular film "Submission of Star" (11 Minutes)

June 15th , 2009-RE-ADDED by request--Archive #154 - Mistress Isabella w/ slave stoner (2/4/2006 72 minutes)

Attire: Black Leather Skirt, Black Mesh Top, Black Spiked Knee High Leather Boots

Overview: slave stoner has spent the day at the Ivy Manor performing chores, while dressed in attire specifically for Mistress Isabella entertainment. On this day, there happens to be a live feed, so slave stoner's garter, stockings, and high heels go on display for everyone's entertainment. Being on display is least of stoner's worries as Mistress Isabella starts him off with a round of flogging and cock slapping. Next stoner's ass is warmed up with a light spanking in preparation for a single-tail whip. The kind Mistress rewards him with the opportunity to massage Her shoulders and worship Her boots. However, every reward comes with a price, this time the payment is CBT followed by more lashes of the single-tail whip.

Includes: X-Dressing, Gag, Flogging, Cock Slapping, Bondage, Humiliation, CBT, Spanking, Single-tail, Human Furniture, Massage, Boot Worship,

June 8th , 2009-RE-ADDED by request--Archive #153 - Mistress Isabella with w/ salve tonka. (77 mins)

tonka's synopsis-
first session with Mistress Isabella
fear and excitement mixed in one package
"Drop to your knees"
"Worship My feet"
dang little member starts to come to attention
why can't he behave himself
Mistress takes notice and administers discipline
nipples are twisted, then come the clamps
a cruel smile across the Mistresses face and Her attention turns south
slap 1, slap 2, first comes the rope and next comes the weight
oh no, She caught my eyes on Her Breasts,
now the torture really begins...

Includes: Foot Worship, Suspension, Whipping, CBT, Rope Bondage, Hog-tie, Cropping, Cock Whipping, Nipple Torture, Ball Kicking,


June 1st, 2009- A new video clip from one of Isabella's favorite films...Better Late Than Never

May 25th, 2009- RE-ADDED by request--Archive #167 - Mistress Isabella with w/ slave bear (65 mins)

Attire: Black PVC backless mini dress black stiletto heels

Overview: Mistress Isabella begins this session with Her slave laying on his back as Her ottoman, poking Her stiletto heels into his chest and balls, as he wines. She places a couple clothes pins on his cock, smacking them repeatedly with Her crop, following this with a couple swift kicks to the balls. While continuing to chat with Her on-line slaves, She continues to crop his balls, then decorates them with an array of clothes pins. With pins still in place, Mistress orders this slave to massage Her feet. Later, standing on his feet, Mistress pulls a few clothes-pins from his cock, as he cries out. After removing all pins and bondage from his cock, Mistress cleared room for a series of kicks to his balls, which brings him to his knees. As reward, he is allowed to massage Mistress' shoulders and feet, then clean-up the mess he made.

Includes: CBT, ball-kicking, cropping, foot worship

May 18 th, 2009-

May 11th, 2009-RE-ADDED by request--Archive #162 - Isabella with slave george (86 minutes)

Attire: Black Leather Riding boots, Tan Riding Pants, White Blouse, Black PVC Corset

Overview: This masked slave begins this pony session by shining Mistress' riding boots with his tongue. His harness and bite are strapped to his cock and balls, already wrapped in bondage, his hands are taped into hooves and Mistress mounts this pony for a ride around the dungeon, first English, then side-saddle, only not to Mistress' satisfaction. As punishment, he is trampled and his cock is whipped. Obviously, more pony training is in order. Later, the slave's cock and balls are weighted and tormented the he is allowed to once again clean Mistress' boots with his tongue, then worship Her bare feet.

CBT / Bondage, Cropping, Pony Training, Humiliation, Foot Worship

May 4th, 2009- RE-ADDED by request--Archive #161 - Isabella with hooded slave ( 87 Minutes)

Attire: Black Laced Corset with Black Net Skirt and Black High Heels

Overview: Arriving late to a session at The Ivy Manor is never a good thing as this masked slave discovers. Right away he begins his punishment by kneeling on a cane followed by a kick to the balls. Shackled to the suspension rod, Mistress Isabella delivers more caning torment to the slave's ass and cock. As reward, he is allowed to kiss Mistress' feet and brush Her hair. To cleanse this slave internally, Mistress then rewards him with a shower, as only She can deliver.

Caning, Foot Worship, Golden Showe

April 27th, 2009-RE-ADDED by request--Archive #150 - Mistress Isabella w/ slave dancer ( 61 minutes)


April 20th, 2009-RE-ADDED by request-- Archive #152 - Mistress Isabella w/ slave mouse ( 90 minutes)

Attire: Black Leather Skirt, Black Leather Top, Black Spiked Leather Boots

Overview: The first thing Mistress ordered me to do was take off my underpants which i did, now exposing my small penis to the world! Next came a kick in my little balls.Then came the rope bondage tied to the podium. Then Mistress used the bull-whip on me. At one point i was ordered to whip my naked body as punishment for looking at porno on the web instead of sweeping the floor and cleaning the office etc. Then came over-the-knee spanking, which i always enjoy! For this i had to wear my underpants to avoid dribbling on Mistress's lap.(my little pee pee did get wet and sticky)! i almost forgot to mention that whilst i was whipping myself i had to say out loud:
'' i'm a little pervert'' that certainly made the scene more humiliating! The final torture of the day was receiving three very hard cane strokes on my little bare bottom. Ouch! i can still feel the sting.
Thank You Mistress for putting me in my place! (by slave mouse)

Includes: Caning, Bullwhipping, Trampling, Nipple Torture, Rope Bondage, Cropping, CBT, Flogging, OTK Spanking, Clothespins.


April 13th, 2009- RE-ADDED by request--Archive #151 - Mistress Isabella & Jade w/ slave x (90 minutes)

April 6th, 2009- A custom vintage shoot with Isabella Sinclaire in the Beauty section.

March 30th, 2009- The last of a series of videos shot with slave pixie. He was sad to be let out of encasement bondage.

March 23rd, 2009- A new photo gallery in the events section documenting Isabella and Vima's trip to Chinatown.


March16th, 2009- The continuation of Isabella's playtime with Ashley Renee. Another 13 minute installment video.

March 9th, 2009- Isabella's playtime continues with pixie where he gets some uncontrollable pleasure. 10 minute video clip.

March 2nd , 2009- A regular play partner of Isabella's stops by for a little fun. We've added a 13 minute video clip with Isabella and Ashley Renee.

February 23rd , 2009- One bright and sunny day, Isabella and Vima decide to get dressed up in head to toe latex and go shopping in Chinatown before heading off to a last minute location shoot. We caught the whole thing on hidden camera for a new 4 minute video clip.

February 16th, 2009- A new Video clip featuring Isabella and Her encasement slaveboy, pixie. (14min)


February 9th, 2009- A new Video clip featuring Isabella whipping stoner.

February 2nd, 2009- A 14 minute Video clip featuring Isabella whipping the whipping boy.

January 26th, 2009- Full Length Streaming Video with Isabella and slave r

Archive #180 - Mistress Isabella with slave r

Attire: Black Fishnet Dress with Black Leather Corset, Stockings & Garter, Multiple Black High Heels

Description: Isabella begins this foot fetish oriented session by 
ordering Her slave to worship Her feet. On his hands and knees, he  kisses and licks Her feet and shoes and gives oral to the heels of Her  shoes. Cleaning the bottom of Her shoes with his tongue, She nicknames him mat and decides to trample his bare body. Now on his back,  Isabella walks across his chest, then relaxes on the table, while  stepping on his face, chest and cock. Mistress then removes her shoes  and smothers the slaves face with Her feet. Reclined on the table,  Mistress orders the slave to lick and suck Her feet and toes. Isabella then continues to walk on the slave with her feet, before using him as an ottoman while She chats with Her online slaves. Mistress continues  the session with high heel trampling in two more pairs of shoes, and  removes Her stocking for some bare feet trampling, massages and worship.

Includes: Foot Worship, High Heel Worship, Trampling

January 12 th, 2009- Two more Beauty Galleries with Isabella in regal latex.

January 5 th, 2009- Check "The Package" video clip before the film hits the shelves. Available in the Member's Area Only.

December 29 th, 2008- The last post of 2008 and its a beauty. You can find them in the Beauty Galleries of the Members Area!
Enjoy and Happy New Year!

December 11 th, 2008-You've seen the photos, now watch the 10 min video of the submission of Emily Addison.

December 10 th, 2008- Two new Action Galleries with Isabella and Emily Addison enjoying a little playtime.

November 24th, 2008- Two new video clips with Isabella and pixie in red. Lots of bondage!


November 13th , 2008- Two new Beauty galleries with Isabella. Red caning horse compliments of Downtown Willy

October 27th, 2008 - 92 minute Streaming Video on Demand with Isabella and slave dancer

Archive #179 - Mistress Isabella with slave dancer (92 Minutes)

Attire: Black Latex Bra and Corset with Black PVC Mini Skirt, Black  and Stainless Steel Stiletto Heels

Description: Mistress Isabella's slave dancer begins this session in much pain, with nipple clamps already in place, not to mention his cock is sewn shut inside of his ball sack. After stepping on this slave with Her stilettos, spitting on him and offering verbal humiliation, Mistress 
chats with Her online slaves.  After ordering dancer onto the barber  chair for a buzz cut, Mistress orders him to the center of the  dungeon to lather and shave away the remaining stubble. Now attached  to the suspension bar, dancers gets some painful relief as the clamps  are pulled from his nipples. After chatting more with Her online slaves, Mistress shows dancer how Her new Whip from Russia feels, as  he dances about. Mistress continues to mark the slave's back and chest with an array of whips from Her arsenal, before switching to Her trusty bull whip. Now on all fours, dancer receives some cleansing with a spray of alcohol across his welted back. Mistress 
returns to chatting with Her online slaves to close the session, while dancer cleans up his mess and then worships Mistress' feet.

Includes: CBT and Nipple Torture, Humiliation, Face spitting, Head- Shaving, Heavy Whipping, Foot Worship

October 10th, 2008- Two new video clips with Isabella and pixie in purple. Lots of bondage!

September 29th, 2008- New Video On Demand

Archive #178 - Mistress Isabella with slave whipping boy (71 Minutes)

Attire: Blue Latex Body-Suit, Black Latex Corset, High heel patent leather platform shoes

Description: After chatting with Her online slaves, Mistress Isabella straps Her slave, whipping boy, to a new suspension frame then ties his cock and balls in bondage. And as his name represents, he quickly becomes  Mistress' whipping post. First using Her tax whip, then Her new Whip  from Russia. The slave is moved to the floor, where Mistress continues with Her Russian Whip. Mistress pauses and rests on the  slave's back, giving him a small reprise from the assault. Again,  suspended to the frame, Mistress Isabella pulls Her bull whip from the wall and unleashes it on whipping boy's back, deeply marking him immediately, as he moans. Her attention turns to his cock, which also receives the business end of Her bull whip. Mistress then positions the slave on the ground to test a device he brought in... and old school electrical stimulator. Once wired, the slave received pulse after pulse, and an occasional heel to the nipple, causing him to moan and convulse. Mistress chats with her online slaves again then,  with whipping boy on his hands and knees, continues to whip his back until he falls to the ground, then She whips him some more. Almost  lifeless he lay there, as Mistress straddles his back and offers some comfort. Mistress Isabella closes this session by chatting with her online slaves while receiving a neck massage.

Includes: CBT, Bondage, Whipping, Electrical Play, Nipple Torture, Cropping

Sept 17th , 2008- Four video clips with Isabella and pixie. Lots of bondage!

Sept 5th , 2008- Two more action galleries with Isabella and whipping boy

August 28th, 2008- New Video On Demand

Archive #177 - Mistress Isabella with slave tonka (74 Minutes)

Attire: Transparent Black top, Black Bra, Black Latex Corset, Blue Vinyl? Mini Skirt, Black Stiletto Heels

Mistress Isabella begins this session with slave tonka on his knees, head down, as She whips his back with a new whip from Her recent trip to Munich. After She ties his cock and balls in bondage and attaches his wrists to the suspension bar, Mistress uses Her new Whip From Russia on his cock and ass. Mistress then attaches Her apparatuses for a little electrical CBT, then whips his back. She removes the slave from suspension, but keeps the electricity flowing, as She chats with Her online slaves. Moving to the bondage table, slave tonka is tied down, electricity still flowing, for a little nipple torture and vibration to his cock. Such pleasures cannot come without a price, as Mistress pulls a flogger from Her wall and flogs his chest. Mistress continues to play with the electrical current still flowing through his cock. Removed from bondage, the slave once again feels the sting of Mistress' new whips from Munich. Isabella closes this session, chatting with Her online slaves, as tonka worships Her feet.

Includes: Bondage, Electrical CBT, Nipple Torture, Whipping, Flogging and more...

Click Here to see a full list of All Archive Descriptions.


August 21st, 2008- Two new video clips! Forced dildo sucking and bare ass paddling!

August 12th, 2008- Two new action galleries with Isabella and whipping boy. Head harness compliments of HottBonds

August 4th, 2008- New Video On Demand

Archive #176 - Mistress Isabella with slave chris (79 Minutes)

Attire: Black leather corset and skirt, black leather gloves,  black stiletto high heels

Description: After chatting with her online slaves, Mistress Isabella welcomes a new slave to The Ivy Manor. She begins his torment by tying his cock in bondage and suspending his arms high in the air. Placing clamps on his nipples, she digs her heels into his balls, while explaining a slave's duties. After paddling his ass, the slave is lowered to his knees as he complains about his pain. Mistress soon finds another use for this poor excuse of a man, as she verbally humiliates him and his little cock. After some foot worship, Mistress provides more nipple torture, while the slave is on his back. Still not knowing what this slave is good for, Mistress tests him to see if he has the abilities to become Her cock-sucking slave, while repeatedly verbally assaulting his cock-sucking abilities. WHile once again chatting with Her on-line slaves, Mistress allows this newbie to massage Her feet, until he is ordered on the bondage table for more abuse. Down on all fours, Mistress paddles his bare ass as he moans after each strike, and the verbal humiliation continues. Isabella then orders the slave to clean up, as She says farewell to her on-line slaves.

Includes: Light CBT, Nipple Torture, Paddling, Humiliation, Forced Dildo Sucking, Light Cropping

Click Here to see a full list of All Archive Descriptions.

July 20th, 2008- Two new video clips!

Slave training!

And Lots of Feet!

July 3rd, 2008- New Video On Demand

Archive #175 - Mistress Isabella with slave stoner (79 Minutes)

Attire: Black leather vest, black leather pants and black leather stiletto boots.

Description: Ivy Manor slave, stoner, returns for more torments, as Mistress Isabella begins this session by placing the slave in a hog-tie. After flogging him in this position, Mistress puts the slave in another bondage predicament on the bondage table and leaves him there while attending to Her computer. Now shackled to the suspension bar, Mistress applies more bondage and offers some CBT to the immobile slave. While bound, She uses Her cane on his balls and ass. After clamps are places on his nipples, Mistress flogs his chest and back. As reward, he his allowed to kiss Her leather covered ass, but receives more flogging soon thereafter. Now on his back on the bondage table, his cock and nipples are decorated with clothes pins. Mistress drips hot wax across his chest, then removes the pins to drip wax on his cock. Mistress releases him from bondage and orders him to finish cleaning the Manor.

Includes: Bondage, Flogging, CBT, Nipple Torture, Hot Wax

Click Here to see a full list of All Archive Descriptions.

June 27th , 2008- Three more new Event Gallery of Isabella in Munich, Germany for BoundCon 2008.

June 17th , 2008- Three new Event Gallery of Isabella in Munich, Germany for BoundCon 2008.


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